Aprender árabe – Video Vocabulario # 1 #LearnArabic #ValorDelWeb

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ArabicPod101.com presenta Video Vocabulary, una herramienta de video y audio para ayudarlo a mejorar su comprensión del idioma árabe.

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Patina Yungs


  1. Avatar
    William Mccabe agosto 04, 2009

    The learning system is very good. However I would rather have Arabic music in the background, rather than the featureless musical wallpaper that you are currently using.

  2. Avatar
    Alex Drumm febrero 08, 2013

    they wrote khayr for you Kha – ya – Ra. ii dont know what your talking about fus ha i dont think there is any such thing… it sounds like modern standard arabic

  3. Avatar
    S Rubio febrero 23, 2013

    oh yeah thanks~
    about the fusha and amiya.. It's also a first for me when I heard that there's two kinds of arabic..
    So I was like.. wow! How do people differentiate them? and yeah.. I only have few knowledge about these things and I hope that somehow these vids would help me along my way~ Shukran Jazeelan!

  4. Avatar
    S Rubio abril 13, 2013

    Shukran shukran~!!! hehehe.. Yeah I was also thinking about learning basic Fusha atleast..
    But people around me nowadays talk amiya.. So little by little I can understand them.. hehe..
    But in fusha I'm not YET studying it.. but I'm there.. you know.. hehehe~ Thanks once again!! ^_^

    These videos are like Moroccan right?

  5. Avatar
    Carlos Rix julio 31, 2015

    Shukram! Help! Isn´t there something strange with the Arabic writing os the words ism and khayr? I read ism in Arabic for both words…  🙂 Well I make videos too I know how hard it is. Thank you for your work! Salam!

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