Aprender español en coche Lección 1 – Saludos #LearnArabic #ValorDelWeb

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Aprender Español en Auto Lección 1 – Saludos
Aprender español en coche Lección 1 – Saludos
Cafe organico

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Patina Yungs


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    Raw&Real enero 02, 2018

    I just found these and luv them but can u tell me why u don't have many many more? Just only two good ones COME ON PLEASE WITH MORE! I truly and honestly luv the format and the ending stories very good 4 ear training Supremly done I REALLY NEED MORE THE BEST IN MY OPINION ONLINE! It's because of the back and forth from English 2 Spanish and vice versa I heard the Habla Espanol good but no translation which is hard 4 me 2 follow along Would be great if it was mixed like this

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    Ftal reee febrero 03, 2018


  3. Avatar
    Play now febrero 25, 2018

    Solo quise buscar videos como de este tipo para ver comentarios de como las personas que hablan ingles nativo aprenden mi idioma latino

  4. Avatar
    Rimanio Suvalio septiembre 17, 2018

    I have spent months studying teaching yourself to talk Spanish and discovered an awesome website at Fergs Spanish Blueprint (google it if you're interested)

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