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En esta lección aprenderemos frases del programa de Netflix Narcos que documenta la vida de Pablo Escobar.

Iremos al detalle de las frases y lo que significa cada palabra / frase.

Parte 2 Frases de Narcos en español:

Parte 3 Frases de Narcos en español:

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Patina Yungs


  1. Avatar
    Borja del Arco enero 11, 2017

    0:31 why do you pretend to speak like Pablo? Did you know Pablo doesn't sound like a native at all? In fact, he is Brazilian. Pronounce plata o plomo like any of us would, it's making you sound ridiculous 🙁
    PD: it's a native Spanish speaker

  2. Avatar
    D-Frame enero 19, 2017

    What I don't understand is that sometimes the grammatical person is already part of the verb, other times not. For example, "somos" means "we are", so the "we" is already built into the verb. But on the other hand, there's "me gano" for example, where "me" seems to stand for "I". Wouldn't "gano" be sufficient?

  3. Avatar
    Proaza Dibujo enero 20, 2017

    "Les voy a decir quien soy" means i will tell YOU who i am. In spanish is very common to use "les" (you in plural) instead of le (you in singular) to show more respect to the person you are talking to. It is very used in south america. I know what im saying, im spanish

  4. Avatar
    Nicole F noviembre 24, 2018

    What about "malbarito" or something like that, I guess it is insulting….sorry no offense. He also says "listo " which means how you ready

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