1 hora de mini-curso de español para principiantes! Libro de curso incluido #LearnArabic #ValorDelWeb

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Este mini curso gratuito de español te dará un gran comienzo y te mostrará lo fácil que es comenzar a construir tus primeras oraciones en español.


En menos de una hora aprenderá vocabulario básico, estructura de oraciones, verbos clave y más.

Asegúrese de interactuar con el video y pausarlo para tener más tiempo para pensar sus respuestas. Pensar las cosas por ti mismo es una parte crítica del aprendizaje de idiomas.


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  1. Avatar
    sandi howell septiembre 25, 2017

    If anyone is on the fence about buying the paid lessons, do it! And here's why:
    I am a SpanishwithPaul youtubevideo watcher for almost a year and am now a paid member.

    1. Don't worry, what he is teaching works in Spain too. (I live in Barcelona, Spain).

    2. His program is laid out beautifully and skillfully where each lesson builds onto the next.

    3. The categories are broken down into bite size lessons so you can stop when you need and pick back up easily.

    4. After a lesson: there are lots of examples helping cement the topic.

    5. If you watch his free weekly lessons and don't know if you will get anything from his paid membership – yes you will. His free lessons only touch the surface of what this program has. I am kicking myself "Why didn't I start sooner?!'

    My Spanish has grown more with his lessons than it ever did living right here in Spain.
    Thank you Paul!

  2. Avatar
    Niceness Mukuhi octubre 05, 2018

    im really really improving my spanish, my goal was to be able to communicate in spanish by the end of the year 2018, thank you Paul
    i learnt french within two years so i believe that withmy basics in french ill be fluent soon in spanish

  3. Avatar
    Jhonas Thompson noviembre 06, 2018

    For all filipinos its easy to them to learn spanish..my filpino friend told me that 40% of their language is spanish and sometimes when i hear some filpinos talking its sounds like spanish..

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