Aprende español con Paul – Mini curso 2 #LearnArabic #ValorDelWeb


Aquí está la próxima entrega de mi mini curso de “Learn Spanish With Paul”.


En la parte 2, me baso directamente en los cimientos que presentamos cuidadosamente en el primer curso.

Se introducen nuevos verbos modales, vocabulario de alta frecuencia y expresiones cotidianas que le permiten formar oraciones cada vez más sofisticadas a la vez que refuerzan la estructura, los verbos y las palabras que se enseñan en el primer curso.

Una vez que haya completado con éxito ambos mini-cursos, debe comenzar a sentir una nueva sensación de confianza en el español … un sentimiento de que sí, ¡esto es algo en lo que puede tener éxito!


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Patina Yungs


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    NerdBirdOnline julio 06, 2018

    I've been trying to learn Spanish for so long now. But these mini courses and videos have helped me to become more confident speaking. I use the mini course pdf sheet to have family and friends test me. Thanks so much Paul. It reminds me why I started learning Spanish in the first place. Feel so accomplished afterwards. Now with more confidence using this method I'll be able to take my learning to the next stage and speak with others, expressing how I feel in Spanish. Something that scared me only just a few weeks ago. X Eli

  2. Avatar
    hugh stewart julio 15, 2018

    Hi Paul Great stuff…Been living in Spain now for 15 year with poor or poco Spanish bought loads of books and CDs hoping it would just get into my head somehow .. on my lesson 2 now with you.. but feeling that it may be possible for me to speak and understand still got a long way to go but keen to do more… Thanks Hugh

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    J McLamb julio 23, 2018

    Amazing instruction Paul. Really enjoy each lesson; easy to follow with great tempo. Using the Spanish I learned so far on Verbling in tandem with your lessons has improved confidence, fluency, and my overall enjoyment of learning a new language.

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    Rosemary Lyndall Wemm septiembre 05, 2018

    Hi Paul. I am using your free spanish lessons to revise my elementary Spanish. For some reason, I keep forgetting the easy stuff while I remember the complex stuff. I've just turned 72 so that might explain why.

    It's nice to hear an Aussie accent again, but you're losing bits of it, man! Every now and then you "slip". You must have contact with North Americans were you currently live. Mexico, wasn't it?

  5. Avatar
    jim mitchell octubre 07, 2018

    Is the v really pronounced like an english B? Does that not simplify it? I find it is like a B but without the burst of air. Say a V but make your lips make a B. I find sometimes it is very hard to tell if it is a b or a v and other times it is obviously a B but never is it obviously a V. Just a beginner but my take on it.
    These lessons are amazingly great. Making me use the Spanish I know to make complete complicated sentences is what I need.

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