¿Aprendiendo español? Escucha esto – Dustin Luke #LearnArabic #ValorDelWeb

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Estos son mis consejos para ayudarte a aprender el idioma del español.
Estos son mis consejos de aprender otro idioma.

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  1. Avatar
    Leisa Gomes septiembre 04, 2018

    I’m from Brazil and I spent 16 months in the United States. I was really shy back then, so I didn’t want to talk because I was afraid to make a mistake. That is my biggest regret of my exchange program. Now, I’m learning Spanish (I’m not doing an exchange program) and I don’t intend to make the same mistake. Good advice, Dustin.

  2. Avatar
    scorpion D septiembre 24, 2018

    if you want learn more the language, send me your email for practice togheter, I speak spanish and I'm studying english.

    I'm mexican

  3. Avatar
    Jerry Archer noviembre 17, 2018

    Hey, that's exactly what I did when I was learning how to speak English. I am the opposite of you, my native language is Spanish, but for some crazy reason I always felt that maybe I was born in the wrong country. I am Canadian now and more Canadian than maple syrup, but yeah; how you explained it in this video 100% is how you learn a language. Move to the country that speaks the language you want to learn, make friends and practice, practice practice . Good advice, man.

  4. Avatar
    christian daniel diciembre 01, 2018

    soy latino, y tu acento es muy bueno, no sabria que eres americano jaja, tienes un acento argentino muy chevere, soy de Venezuela y estoy aprendiendo a hablar ingles, y vine a este video porque me da curiosidad como se siente ver que enseñen tu idioma, y ademas para ver si entendia toda tu explicacion en ingles y lo logre jaja me siento motivado, es que tu ingles es facil de entender es muy claro, ojala todos hablaran como tu, saludos y exitos.

  5. Avatar
    J Wildj diciembre 30, 2018

    Gracias senor… realmente necesitaba este consejo ahora mismo, maintenant, right now, en este momento. Porque estoy a una pared… estoy harta de buscar cada palabra y de conjugar con un sonido diferente por el futuro o pasado o presente…. Pero como todo de valor, toma tiempo y aplicación. Gracias por la verdad, el apoyo y su sonrisa.

  6. Avatar
    Cynthia Doede enero 26, 2019

    bahahaha, yeah, being obsessed and forcing myself to speak it in all situations possible is the hardest thing to do. >_< LMAO Great tips though! Thanks for sharing! I very much agree with all of these. hahaha

  7. Avatar
    Snowpaw 7396 febrero 10, 2019

    I know this was made in 2017 but.. thank you so much! My mom’s side of the family is Hispanic and I sometimes I wish I was raised bilingual. My grandparents, aunt, and mother are the only ones on her side of the family that can speak English. I wanted to learn Spanish so that I can get to know my family better. A boy moved on my street last summer from the Dominican Republic. We’re friends but we can’t really talk about many things because he knows little English and I know little Spanish 😂 but we’re pretty much learning each other’s language at the same pace, so we help each other.

  8. Avatar
    crazy lap febrero 15, 2019

    Someone who wants to learn Spanish? I want to learn English 😔

    Alguien qué quiera aprender español? Quiero aprender inglés 😔 y me gustaría que alguien se anime. No importa si hablas otro idioma yo te ayudaré. 👍🏻

  9. Avatar
    Paola Marenco marzo 08, 2019

    I am learning english, I just watch this video for practicing the spoken part. I like how fluent you are when you speak in english. I dunno if that is your native language, but I am really surprised 'cause you sound as if u were from Argentina.
    Anyway, congrats.
    Hey there! Is someone here interesting on learning spanish? To interchange languages

  10. Avatar
    Dylanot Tunisien abril 11, 2019

    Fizz language is amazing. I love the program Fizz Spanish Strikingly (search in google) it's very helpful for people who know a little or no Spanish. I've learned a lot of new words and so far I love this program. It's very easy to understand…

  11. Avatar
    Martin Jackson abril 14, 2019

    Esta persona es Argentina, no tiene acento de una persona nacida o criada desde nino en los Estados Unidos de America cuando habla Ingles, habla ingles con un acento latino. No se dan cuenta? tal vez porque vivan en Argentina o no sepan mucho Ingles.

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