7 mejores shows en español para aprender español #LearnArabic #ValorDelWeb

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Los programas en español son una de las mejores herramientas que puede utilizar para mejorar su español. Aprendes más rápido cuando ves el vocabulario, la gramática y las expresiones que se utilizan en contextos específicos. En este video, te contamos cuáles son los 7 mejores programas que puedes ver.

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  1. Avatar
    Judith N diciembre 19, 2018

    I speak spanish l, and I've never seen those shows. If I would have to see them to learn, that would be a torture. I would recommend some comedies, like: Aida, 7 vidas, La que se avecina… That if you wanna learn castilian spanish, spoken in the streets. Also, when I was a teenager, I used to love the tv show: Rebelde, which is a Mexican teen soup opera.
    One other thing, I'm throwing you a challenge. If you wanna learn catalan, watch: Plats Bruts or Jet Lag, they're awesome catalan comedies.

  2. Avatar
    Christopher Paul enero 01, 2019

    I wish people would use the term "Spanish-language" or "Spanish-speaking" instead of just Spanish. It really leads to confusion and prejudice. The term "Spanish" means related to Spain. When people often talk about Spanish authors, for example, they mention the likes of Gabriel Garcia Márquez, and I always have to tell them, no he's Colombian. This simple difference in the way we speak perpetuates ignorance and prejudice in my opinion.

  3. Avatar
    Melanie Cusick enero 08, 2019

    I used to watch a Spanish disney channel (Disney channel Spain?) show called violetta on netflix. But they took it off netflix. If anyone knows of somewhere else to watch this show please let me know.

  4. Avatar
    Stormy575 enero 13, 2019

    Thank you for sharing this list of shows. ♥ I can't find Isabel, El Tiempo Entre Costuras or Mi corazòn es tuyo on Netflix or Hulu. Anyone have a link they can post to where these are?

  5. Avatar
    bung coba enero 22, 2019

    I want to learn Spanish as well as learn Latin America ancient history & cultures (such Inca & Maya), any videos/channel on Youtube you guys recommend? It should has Spanish subtitle. Thanks in advance.

  6. Avatar
    Bariako enero 24, 2019

    Extra es muy bien y muy divertido. El Espanol es facil y me lo gusta. Puedo escuchar y enteniendo Extra despues nueve meses con aprendo espanol. Voy a ves Destinos ahora 😉

  7. Avatar
    Ella Daines febrero 03, 2019

    I really wish that Netflix had the option to play shows at 3/4 speed! I’m probably high intermediate level (I’d like to think I was advanced at one point, but I’ve barely touched Spanish in close to a year).
    I need something more complex than the intro shows, but actors in shows that aren’t made for the purpose of teaching Spanish all talk so fast that it’s really intimidating and frustrating to start. I would love to be able to slow the show down a bit so I can get used to the accent and remember the vocab and then speed it back up as I’m comfortable.

    If anyone has suggestions of more advanced Spanish shows available on YouTube, or a different platform that will let me control the play speed, let me know!!!!

  8. Avatar
    genci J febrero 15, 2019

    There was a show with teens it was espanol there was a charachter called judy or jody i am looking for this does anyone know this show

  9. Avatar
    Sweetandy febrero 20, 2019

    Currently watching sin senos sí hay paraíso it’s such a goooooosd show and it has a lot of drama that will keep you entertained

  10. Avatar
    Jeffrey Tobin febrero 20, 2019

    This is an excellent and very helpful video. Thank you! I am a beginner in Spanish. I like the idea of the “Friends” type of show but want to learn the Latin American accent and idioms. I know there are some significant differences. Should I be concerned about this or not?

  11. Avatar
    ForestSakan febrero 22, 2019

    Actually the series of the guy living with two girls is based on a show which was very popular in the 80`s called "three`s company"..other series about such situatio inclyding friends are all based in that show.

  12. Avatar
    ForestSakan febrero 22, 2019

    Try to avoid pronouncing words starting with "w" like a "vg" ..simply proniunce it like the spanish "u". With words starting with "s" avoid pronouncing "es"…just "sss"..most spanish speakers cant help it.. Especially because they do not notice it

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