The most asked question: how to learn Arabic language? #LearnArabic #ValorDelWeb

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Patina Yungs


  1. Avatar
    Muhammad Sajjad febrero 10, 2019

    Assalam u alaikum everyone
    I love Arabic language 😍😘💚 and i love all Muslims countries
    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
    I can write Arabic language because Arabic and Urdu writing same similar

  2. Avatar
    Ali Noman febrero 10, 2019

    People ask crazy questions

    No language in this World is easy to learn…
    we need more practise and some hardwork to gain any language even it is a third language spoken in other corner of our Country…

  3. Avatar
    Rehan Mir febrero 11, 2019

    Best way to learn vocab is to know how to use and that is achieved through speaking

    Good start is Arabiyah Bayna Yadayk good series on conversation with grammer

  4. Avatar
    Farhan Naeem febrero 24, 2019

    People from Pakistan ( 220 Million People ) can by default read, write very easily and can understand little bit Arabic due to URDU اردو
    As compare to others, Pakistani can learn instantly Arabic than others.

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